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Celestial Twins and Gentle Action

Автор: Элизабета Левин

In 2003 I had a great pleasure and honor to visit Pari Center and to participate in Dr. F. David Peat’s 8-days seminar on "Synchronicity: the Bridge between Matter and Mind". Recently it was a great pleasure to me to hear about his new book “Gentle Action: Bringing Creative Change to a Turbulent World.” The ideas of harmony and of flexibility, of gentle transformation and of personal responsibility are close to my heart and I am deeply impressed by Peat’s open-mindedness and by his sincere belief that “new insights may come from unexpected sources.”  I also share the author's belief in importance of “creative suspension” - that temporary pause when we listen and learn what the system has to teach us before taking action.
Like Dr. Peat, I am concerned about possible disruptive and damaging consequences to a community, economy or environment caused by our drastic actions resulting from misunderstanding of complexity and delicate nature of the systems that surround us. To bring about positive change we need first to get better understanding of our own nature and of the nature of humanity.
As time passes by, I gratefully remember the opportunity given me by David Peat to present in Pari my original research of Celestial Twins (“celestial twins” - people who are born simultaneously, on the same day of the same year).  It comes out that I learned a lot from that seminar and from Peat’s experience. Following some of his advises has helped me to promote the ideas of celestial twinship and today I can sum up that the second edition of the Russian version of “Celestial Twins” has already been printed in Moscow and that the Hebrew version of the book has already been published in Israel.

For more than two years I'm giving public lectures on celestial twinship both in Hebrew and in Russian, and each lecture brings new surprises – people share their personal experience. And it comes out that their stories are even more amazing than my mind is able to grasp. Numerous readers tell me how a new kind of consciousness born of the concept of Celestial Twins helps them to become more responsible and happier with their choices and their attitude to life. In a way such work with people via lecturing, articles and radio programs is also a kind of "Gentle Action". People learn the hidden laws of Time, the laws of their Time of birth, they learn the basic laws of similarity and of contrasts, and they gain better understanding of personal responsibility. They become aware of the need of cooperation and of the problems of competitiveness.

And now to be more specific I’d like to share some of the most basic points and recent developments in celestial twinship. “Celestial Twins” began without any prior theories or expectations. During 17 years of original research I collected biographical data regarding well-known celestial twins. I developed original method of data analysis and studied more than 100 cases of such comparative life stories. Some of these stories were touching, others dramatic, but each of them leaved me with the strange magic of synchronicity. From time to time I became breathless observing inner interconnections and matching between the facts which apparently should not and could not be connected at all. Concluding this research, I have proposed the laws of celestial twinship. Following are the two of them:

1. The factor of birth time (or “Theta-factor”) is a third factor – in addition to heredity and environment – influencing human personality and destiny.

2. The celestial twins represent simultaneous events and have parallel lives. Though each human being is unique, there is an isomorphic matching between the biographical data of members in each and every group of celestial twins. 

As one may see, I’m very careful in choosing the words and the methods of research. This research avoids comparing any subjective qualities or any facts which could be one day in the future identified as “erroneous”. “Celestial twins” restricts itself to comparison of the biographical data, which have already been published by independent academic sources. Such method guarantees the objective approach to the problem and prevents any interferences or subjective evaluations by observer. Moreover, in my conclusions I try to avoid such words as “identical” or even “similar”, but rather to stress the word “isomorphic.” Informally, an isomorphism (Greek: isos "equal", and morphe "shape") is a kind of mapping between objects or a one-to-one correspondence between the elements of two or more sets. In a wide sense, isomorphic structures are structurally identical, if we ignore finer-grained differences that may arise from how they are defined. In that sense the lives of celestial twins are “structurally identical”, i.e. they are running the matching scripts and there is a one-to-one correspondence between their biographical data.

In chemistry isomorphism describes close similarity in the crystalline structure of two or more substances of similar chemical composition. Or more precisely, isomorphism is property of atoms (or ions and complexes) of one substance to substitute in the equivalent positions of crystalline structures the atoms (or groups of atoms or ions) of other substances. In other words, isomorphism in crystallography is ability for ion exchange in similar crystalline structures.

In mathematics, in biology, and in physics isomorphism helps to study the similarities between what might appear to be radically different types of systems. In philology isomorphism helps to compare different texts and narratives. By the analogy I tried the same approach to the studies of celestial twinship. The result was more than impressive. In all the comparative stories of the well-known celestial twins presented in “Celestial Twins” (the Russian version was published in Moscow, Amrita-Russ, 2006; the Hebrew version – Israel, Hashraa, 2009) we see the same property of exchangeability between the celestial twins. Or in other words, the studied well-known celestial twins had the ability to substitute each other in the temporary social and political structures or to accomplish one other’s most daring enterprises. For example:

1. Two of the most powerful people of the Third Reich, second perhaps only to Hitler himself, happened to be celestially entwined in their birth and their death. Born in different countries (Russia and Germany), Alfred Rosenberg, Hitler’s temporary successor in 1923, and Hermann Goering, Hitler’s nominated successor after 1933, arrived simultaneously in the defeated Berlin of December 1918. From their first meeting their lives as if crashed into each other and in the end they were condemned to death on the same day of the same year. Their bodies were cremated together; their ashes were mixed in the same vessel and then scattered together into the muddy gutter of some anonymous lane.

2. Two prominent opponents of the Nazi regime – Count Nikolaus von Halem and Count Berthold von Stauffenberg were were also celestial twins. When Nikolaus Halem was arrested in 1942, Berthold Stauffenberg as if took the torch from his hands continuing his mission of Hitler’s assassination. Noble by birth, lawyers by education, fighters for humanism by ideals, in their life and in their sacrificial deaths they acted as kindred spirits. Both were executed in the cruelest manner possible after the abortive plot on July 20, 1944, when they were just 39 years old.

3.  In 1919, Nancy Astor became the first ever woman to sit in the House of Commons, replacing in this position her husband, Waldorf Astor, who brought her lifelong devotion, his seat in Parliament, and who was also her celestial twin.

4. In 1918 Hermann Weyl created the first field theory, in which both the electromagnetic and the gravitational fields appear as geometrical properties of space-time. In 1919 Theodor Kaluza created his version of the unified field theory, which combined gravitation with electromagnetism by mixing them in the fifth dimension. Though many scientists saw in their theories only pure mathematical constructions, devoid of any physical sense, today it is widely recognized that it were Weyl’s and Kaluza’s seminal works that sparked Einstein’s interest in the unified theory.  The names of the two pioneers of unified theory, Weyl and Kaluza, became entwined in the history of scientific ideas. Much had been written about their “bizarre” theories, but nobody seemed to have noticed the fact, which was, perhaps, even more bizarre, that they were celestial twins. 

5. In 1913 two pioneer works concerning isotopes were reported simultaneously in different sections of British Society: one was written by Frederick Soddy, another by Francis Aston. Nobody seems to recognize what an incredible coincidence is that these Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry and Atomic Age Pioneers were celestial twins.

6. Though from birth separated by geography, religion and genes, both Nobel Prize winners Emil Behring and Paul Ehrlich found their life mission in Berlin, where both worked at the Institute of Hygiene. Their “chance” meeting resulted in a lifelong collaboration. Both were honored as “the children’s saviors,” because their joint work saved millions of children from diphtheria, until the 20th century one of the most serious contagious diseases.

7. In 1969 American astronaut Thomas Stafford participated in the dress rehearsal for the first lunar landing. Together with Eugene Cernan he descended in the Lunar Module to within 15 kilometers becoming the first men to see the Moon so close. Two years later Stafford’s celestial twin, Edgar Dean Mitchell, landed his lunar modulus in Fra Mauro, and together with Alan Shepard performed two moonwalks.

8. Celestial twins Ilya Ehrenburg  and Pavlo Tychyna were prolific Soviet litterateurs. Their long lives spanned two World Wars, two civil wars, revolutions and dictatorship. Both were members of the Supreme Soviet, yet both despised the establishment. Both emerged unscathed while others around them perished. Being aware of their celestial twinship both believed that there should be some hidden reasons for their meeting. Every birthday they used to send each other warm congratulations. In his greetings Ehrenburg wrote: “I would not call it the simple caprice of fate that both of us were born at the same day of the far 91st - year. The same pictures moved in front of our eyes, we experienced the same passions, and now, looking back, we see the long and difficult way.” Tychyna answered him: “Born the same month of the same year, we are pen-brothers.”  Tychyna also translated to Ukrainian “The Storm”, the novel which brought Ehrenburg the Stalin Prize.

9. Pablo Casals is considered the greatest cellist of the 20th century. His celestial twin, Lionel Tertis is recognized to “have been perhaps the greatest viola-player of all time.” Both had the rare luck of transforming public attitudes toward their musical instruments. At the beginning of their careers the cello was not taken seriously as a concert instrument, while the viola was the “Cinderella” of the orchestra. Casals showed the world what the cello could be; Tertis recreated the viola as an important solo instrument.  The “heavenly” chamber music performed together by Casals and Tertis, has been a genuine demonstration of the amazing possibilities of celestial twins working together as a team.

The list of such examples of isomorphism between the celestial twins may become as long as the book itself. In addition “Celestial Twins” challenges many long-held beliefs. It strikes at prejudices and preconceptions, showing that the role of genes, of race, of nationality, of gender and of cultural background is not as strong as supposed and that the factor of time of birth is not less important for shaping identity than genes or early environment. “Celestial twins” also demonstrates the existence of the highly cooperative and organized behavior underlying the seeming chaos of individual lives. This research is also an attempt to connect celestial twinship with the theories of wholeness advocated by such philosophers and physicists as A. N. Whitehead and D. Bohm.

In conclusion I would like to add that reading Peat’s book gave me an impression that the principles of Gentle Action might me of great use not only in relationships between the individuals and the systems, but also between the celestial twins in general. I also feel that there is a great potential for humanity hidden in that border area between the laws of time and the psychological approaches. My hope is that combining the principles of Gentle Actions with the ideas of celestial twinship will open new opportunities and bring deeper understanding of our world.


Designed by Arthur Gurevich
© 2013 Carmel Lira
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